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Sig graphics, avatars, web images, banners—for fan favorites such as actors Richard Armitage and Gerard Butler

Fan avatars—Gerard Butler, Richard Armitage

Web graphics, signature graphics, icons and avatars from various fandoms, including Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage.

I've already created avatar and web graphics pages for North and South and Phantom of the Opera, and discovered that there was a demand for more avatars featuring the stars of these two productions, Richard Armitage (North & South), and Gerard Butler (Phantom). So, fueled by my zeal to tinker and experiment with Adobe Photoshop, I decided to go about making some fan avatars, icons and sigs of these guys.

Please link to and credit if you use these images on any web page. You are free to use them as your personal message board avatars and sig graphics as well. Hotlinking is not allowed—please upload any files you wish to use somewhere else (like Photobucket). Also, it goes without saying that you should not claim ownership to these graphics, nor should you alter or modify their appearance. If you are unsure of any of the terms outlined here, please contact me.

I ended up creating so many sigs and avatars for these guys, that I needed to make more than one page for them. Click on the links below to see more sigs, icons and avatars for Gerard Butler and Richard Armitage.

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