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"North and South" sig graphics, avatars, icons, web images, banners—from the BBC miniseries, starring Richard Armitage.
North & South web avatars, BBC miniseries 2004
Web Graphics, avatars, icons, and signature files for the BBC miniseries "North and South."

Recently, I've become enchanted by the 2004 BBC Miniseries, "North and South," starring Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe. So, on a lazy afternoon, I decided to make these little "North and South" avatars and pictures.

Anyone is welcome to use these graphics as their personal message board avatar, LJ (LiveJournal) icon, signature graphic or on their own web page. All I ask is that you not take credit for the graphics, or modify their appearance. If you use any of these images on a web page, you must link back to this site, Credit is not mandatory on LJ or other blogs, but is greatly appreciated. To use any of these graphics, just right-click, save to your hard drive, and then upload the avatar to your own site (or use a free image hosting service like Photobucket).

FoolishPassion.comFor a comprehensive fan site devoted to North and South, visit It has fan videos, video clips from the miniseries, fan art, humor, poetry, quizzes, games—and more!

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overbearing master
You're ill? icon N&S
Icon - Daniela Denby-Ashe - Margaret Hale
railway scene
railway scene
we make cotton
longing looks
margaret hale
I understand you completely
Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton - LiveJournal icon, avatar
I'm bringin a basket
thornton frown icon
i'm not sure I'd know how to dabble
Mr. Thornton - Richard Armitage
You always did the right thing
You 'ave to look 'ard.
Daniela Denby-Ashe
I must ask her - Armitage
margaret hale
Hell is snow white.
margaret hale
overbearing master

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Notice a "missing" icon? I've semi-retired a few, which now are found on this page.

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